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  • Conducting comprehensive legal monitoring to identify significant risks of violation of legislation in the activities of enterprises, including the assessment of internal control to combat money laundering. Development and implementation of recommendations for improvement;
  • Study of compliance by enterprises with licensing requirements, provisions of constituent documents;
  • Study of compliance with corporate law and recommendations for improvement (including the development of documents);
  • Monitoring the execution of contractual discipline, including the study of the efficiency and state of the document management system;
  • Conducting personnel “audit”, labor protection and safety measures;
  • Study of the corporate organizational structure of a group of enterprises (holdings, financial and industrial groups, organizations with cross participation in authorized capital, etc.), development of appropriate recommendations to reduce legal risks, optimization measures, legal assessment of the system of transactions with related (affiliated ) by the parties, including the study of interaction with subsidiaries, affiliates and branches, solving individual situations of any degree of complexity, including issues of tax law (taxation);
  •  Legal assessment of the correctness of the formation of the authorized capital and compliance with the norms of constituent documents.


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