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Services for registration of companies with Uzbek and foreign participants in various forms of ownership (LLC, PE, OJSC, CJSC, Joint venture (JV), individual entrepreneur, etc.) Recommendations for choosing a specific organizational and legal form of a legal entity.(performed professionally TURNKEY! With minimal participation in the shortest possible time + free legal online support for a month);

Amendments and additions to the Constituent documents Charter (change of founders, reorganization, change of postal (legal) address, increase and decrease of the authorized capital, change of name, etc.);

Consulting and assistance in the sale or buyout of your company with various licenses;

Consultation on licensing issues. Preparation of all documents, contacting a government agency for obtaining licenses and other permits and certificates;

Accreditation of representative offices of foreign companies and their branches in the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan (preparation of the Regulation and Power of Attorney), extension of the terms of the Representative Office, amendments to the Regulation on the Representative Office on any issues;

Registration of PU (permanent establishments) of foreign companies. Preparation of all documents, translation, notarization of the Charter and Power of Attorney, Registration with the tax authorities, opening of bank accounts; Long-term advice and legal and personnel support to the PU (permanent establishment) of a non-resident;

HR consulting. Preparation of general and individual employment contracts; Civil law contracts; Collective Agreements, Preparation and amendment of internal regulations on personnel issues. Search, recruitment, attraction of specialists. Outstaffing (provision and direction) of workers, narrow specialists, employees for work (construction, projects) of the Client.

Consultation and preparation of documents for obtaining permits and licenses to work in Uzbekistan for foreign citizens, at the Agency for Labor Migration;

Obtaining and renewing visas, registration, registration services (registration); Consultation and preparation of documents and appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for obtaining visas and the Department of Migration and Citizenship

Legalization, translation and notarization of foreign documents, company Charters, powers of attorney of Representative Offices, permanent establishments and other legal entities;

Consulting and support in the field of rental relations (relations between the tenant and the landlord); Preparation of car and real estate lease agreements; Registration and notarization;

Preparation of internal documentation for LLC and OJSC (protocols, orders, regulations, collective agreements, NDA, procurement regulations, job descriptions, etc.);

Consulting and assistance in drafting legal documents, examination and preparation of import contracts, agreements, memorandum of cooperation, competent drafting and execution of agreements and contracts of any complexity, taking into account the wishes of the Client, the terms of the transaction and relationships with contractors, issuance of legal opinions

Consultation and preparation of documents for the liquidation (closure) of enterprises of all organizational and legal forms of ownership; Consulting and support of the bankruptcy process;

Consulting on the issues of reorganization of a legal entity LLC (transformation, merger, acquisition, division, separation);

Protection of interests in the judiciary; Consulting on civil legislation, civil procedural and economic procedural legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

Consultations and services of specialists on the execution of court decisions. Preparation of all the necessary documents for the collection of debts, the work of the court executors.

Consulting on foreign trade operations (export / import) and international economic law; Development, registration consultation on customs clearance of goods

Marketing research of prices of goods in the international market, advertising, market research, attracting customers;

Consulting on finding and attracting investors and finance to client projects;

Conducting cases for the protection of rights to intellectual and other property;

Consulting services for accounting in accordance with NAS, Drawing up accounting and financial statements in accordance with the legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Consulting on all issues regarding registration, company activities and accounting and taxation in the Republic of Uzbekistan;

Legal analysis of financial and economic activities. Identification of risks. Development of recommendations;

Consulting on the Tax Code, complex and controversial tax issues; Development of recommendations for the most optimal taxation of the enterprise;

Construction and erection works consulting and subcontracting services. Rent and sublease of construction vehicles and materials.

Preparation of Feasibility Studies for investment projects for obtaining loans and investments in accordance with the established requirements. Provision of services for the development of business plans.


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