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Project Management


The main objective is to support the Project Manager and Project Team in the co-ordination, planning and control of the project. They receive minimal supervision from the Project Manager to ensure the agreed project management methods and standards are implemented throughout the project.

Our program management support services are grounded upon ISO 9000 best practices and last PM programms. Our Project Management Office (PMO) activities encompass a full spectrum of support services that include: (1) developing PMO frameworks and processes; (2) supporting projects from initiation through closeout; and (3) offering specialized services as required to supplement specific organizational needs. Our project management specialists are experts in achieving efficiencies and improvements for enhancing the operational effectiveness and performance of project activities and processes. Our project management services include:

  • Initiation
  • Performing Feasibility Studies
  • Establishing Project Offices
  • Establishing Project Charters
  • Establishing Project Teams
  • Planning
  • Establishing Goals and Objectives
  • Developing Stakeholder Communication Plans
  • Defining Processes and Procedures
  • Creating Project Plans
  • Establishing Supplier Agreements
  • Execution and Control
  • Delivery Services
  • Building and Delivering Products
  • Managing and/or Controlling
    • Hours and Cost
    • Scope and Schedule
    • Risk Management
    • Decision Analysis
    • Supplier Management
  • Preparing Project Evaluation Reports
  • Project Close-out

OUR Quality Assurance / Compliance Services

Our Quality Assurance (QA) services offer a systematic method for monitoring and evaluating management and engineering activities across the program lifecycle to ensure compliance with established standards. Our services include:

  • Defining quality standards that properly match and support organizational and customer requirements
  • Developing and implementing quality programs to include the development of processes, plans, checklists, and reporting tools
  • Conducting performance-based quality assurance audits of processes and work products
  • Performing independent management audits of existing QA programs
  • Providing QA staff augmentation
  • Delivering QA seminars and on-the-job training

Our QA support is an active rather than passive endeavor. Its success is grounded in a shared responsibility of all program personnel (i.e., both management and the technical staff) who must be fully committed to organizational success.

Also we provide Contract Manangement services:

  • Document Control
  • Contract administration,
  • Auditing and close-out support

Cost/pricing and cost/benefit analysis support


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